Sierra DigiTally Inventory

Increase efficiency and lower costs with innovation.

Unlock the potential of your supply chain with mobile computers, wireless networks and Sierra DigiTally Inventory that keep your business running smoothly and in sync.  Gain realtime visibility into your supply chain, as though you were right there with them.

• Gain unprecedented visibility into your stock and transactions
• Achieve an unmatched level of control over your yard operations
• Maximize productivity to improve the performance of your workforce

Inventory A tighter, more efficient and profitable supply chain that comes from innovative Sierra DigiTally Inventory solution.  Capture transactions at the point of activity for seamless and real data processing.  Inventory solution package includes ordering, shipping/receiving, scheduling, and inventory modules that empower its users to achieve efficiency in overall operations.




ü       Warehouse Dashboard

Shows overall activity in the warehouse, displays indicators

Display shipped and received quantities for a given time-frame.  Average age of packs in inventory,  other metrics.

ü Ship

Load and ship  orders

Operators concentrate on what’s shipping today and where it’s shipping.

ü       E-mail Ship-Notice to Customer

Notify Customer their shipment is on the way

Notification can be sent immediately Notification can be sent immediately upon shipment or itNotification can be sent immediately upon shipment or it can be sent later (requires internet connection and mail transport)

ü Receive

Count, verify, assign #, and stock  shipments, receive by Purchase Order#

Receive via Warehouse Interface or by handheld devices.   Enter vendor information, tally, and assign Lot numbers.

ü       Pick-List

Find Packs in the warehouse or yard by Lot #

Pick-List is available from Warehouse Shipment Interface, and Mobile Application

ü       Tally Packs by RapidScan™ Ruler

Quickly and accurately count lumber; ensure inventory accuracy

Using Sierra RapidScan patented ruler, operator measures widths and counts packs of lumber.

ü       Break Packs

Create a new pack by pulling lumber from an existing pack.

Break function is available on both Administrator and Mobile devices.      

ü Search Inventory

Search inventory to find products that match specific criteria. 

Search by species, grades, thickness, length, width, quantities, quantities of a specific dimension, and more…

ü       Print Bar-code Labels/Tags

Identify Stock

Available in Administrator and Mobile PC.


ü       Reports

Hardcopy print of various activity

Many standard reports are included to reflect business activity (Crystal Reports® )

The Inventory package is configurable for multi-user and multi-site deployment.

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