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What is RapidScan?

Sierra RapidScan is a patented method for measuring and counting products.  It's a special ruler with barcodes that allows you to scan widths with a laser beam, instead of entering manually. You can also scan other information from the ruler such as product types, for ease of data collection. It's a flexible stainless-steel ruler, 24" in length. In Lumber applications, RapidScan helps with end-tally operations and data collection. More Here ...

How do I use the Sierra DigiTally system at my business?

Generally, you'll use the system to collect data, and this data becomes your knowledge-base about your stock to help increase efficiency in your business.     You'll use a mobile device and RapidScan ruler to scan your tallies.  The tallies are saved on the mobile device by pack #. When you connect the mobile device (by placing it in its cradle), the data is copied to the desktop PC.  Now all of the pack data you saved is available for access on your desktop.  You may run reports,  search for a specific product, print labels, and manage packs...  Suppose you would like to know if you have Red Oak, FAS, 4/4 ... you can enter your search criteria and the system will display each pack that contains that information.  You may also print an export-tally report, or a shipment report...  The desktop software (Administrator) is included with all of our packaged solutions.

How do I print tallies?

You capture the tallies on the mobile device.  Once finished, you connect the device to its cradle and the data is copied to your laptop or desktop PC.  From your PC, you can print tally reports and other reports. You may print the reports using your regular printer that's connected to your PC.  There are 9 reports that comes with the basic system;  Tally reports, Pack Reports, Shipment report, Species, Grades, and Charts....   You can also save these reports as a PDF file and e-mail to your customers.   With our system your tallies are not thrown away as some of the older systems required  in the past.   Those other systems required to print on a specific printer connected to the handheld.  With Sierra DigiTally you use your existing PC and printers, you can also print labels directly from the mobile device, containing information about tallied packs. In summary, our system allows you to save the packs you tallied, this way, you have more power and convenience, you can also search through them on your PC, and manage them. 

How can I try Sierra DigiTally and get a first hand experience?

By taking advantage of our Solution Guarantee. We realize you'll need to run the system, and experience how it works and feels. This is why we offer a 10-day return policy; it enables you to run a fully configured product without risk to you. We simply ask that all components are returned in original condition, please request return terms for more information.
If you're not ready to commit yet, but would like to get a closer look, we offer online live demos and go through the system with you over the internet. This allows you to see the application, mobile device application and how they interact, you can also ask questions and challenge us to see if our system can address your specific issues you may have. Please visit Contacts page to reach out.

What do I gain by using the RapidScan ruler vs. using other handheld solutions w/ ruler?

Other methods do not offer any specific (or patentable) way that's unique to solving the problem of tallying; they are based on visually reading then entering data values manually into a handheld. This method is not too far off from using a measuring ruler and a calculator to collect data. The difference in our system is that it shoots a laser-beam to read the value from the ruler -- this is a "single-action" that performs "multiple-tasks" to benefit you. So more work is done by the system, and not you. You may focus your attention on the lumber piece as you take measurements and don't have to shift your eyes from lumber to keypad repeatedly. Each time the Sierra system trigger is squeezed, you capture the width, calculate, and save automatically -- this gives faster and more accurate results.  

How are the Pack or Bundle numbers assigned?

The pack numbers are generated based on definitions that fit your business.  For example, if you'd like to increment a number based on a starting number, such as 2400, next number will be 2401.  Or you can design a custom number generation rule, one that includes a date and a sequence, such as 112213-100, next number will be 112213-101.  Alternatively, you can include characters and prefixes, such as "ABC-1005",  and so on...   In some cases, you may also want to enter a pack number manually, the system will ask to enter a pack number/id...

Will I be tallying each piece?

You're going through the pack 1 piece at a time, the difference is,  it's easier and faster than older methods, plus you save the time to calculate.  Tallying almost becomes a "shoot-score" game.  Also, the data is saved on your PC and it helps your company with knowledge, handling, and operations of lumber.  You can easily see all the packs in your inventory you've tallied, print reports, search, label, and more...   Whereas, previous methods required a lot of work, and didn't return as much benefit to your business. 

What about my products and species, do I need to change my business?

No, you don't have to change your products or your business.  We provide the data based on your specific products; you continue with your existing product definitions, this doesn't change.  We load all the data into the handheld devices.  You also have the means to add and update any of your product data at any time.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

On average, with most common configurations, it takes approximately 7 days.  We configure the system based on your products, and provide devices that are ready to use out of the box.  Ground shipping is included in the continental US.

How much does it cost?

We prepared a very economical solution and packaged it with Motorola MC1000; Express package. We also offer a mid-range solution, Ranger package, that comes with MC 3190G with pistol-grip, a very versatile system. There are more alternatives, and we provide additional solutions depending on customers needs, including an inventory control software, and custom sofware to address your specific needs. Please visit Configure/Price section to get a firm price.

How hard is it to install, can I install it?

Handheld devices are setup and configured by us no installation needed by you -- you simply connect the cradle (docking station that comes with the system) to USB on your PC and plug in the power. We provide a software CD that you can run to install the desktop software, or allow us to install remotely.

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