Sierra DigiTally Cloud

Easy, Fast, and Affordable Cloud Solution 

Lumber Inventory and Tally systems don't have to be out of reach anymore. With the NEW Sierra DigiTally Launch you can get started fast, access with ease, add devices, and do much more.   Low-cost,  powerful, easy to use, ready-to-run systems, no software installation required...


ü Windows 2008 Server (Your dedicated server to use)

ü Microsoft SQL Server Database

ü Sierra DigiTally Express Software

ü Full Windows Experience (Not Browser)

ü Locations Worldwide

ü Connect Mobile Devices

ü Scan-Tally to the Cloud !!!

ü Customers can search/view inventory via browser 


How Does it Work?

Once we setup your Windows Server on the cloud, you'll simply login and start using it on your PC.  You will not be sharing the server or the application with any other party, it's dedicated for your own use, and it's a full Windows Experience, not a browser application.


You can Add Mobile Devices for Tally or other data-collection, and connect them to your Cloud Server.  You can connect directly via wireless network (over internet) or use your personal computer as a passthrough connection via USB.  Yes, you can use the RapidScan Tally method with the Cloud Server.


If you would like to give your customers or other departments in your company, access to the inventory data, they'll be able to use the Reports Web over the internet and search your inventory.  No additional hosting is needed as the Cloud Server will be able to host the services.



Low startup cost, easy access and operations.  Why spend thousands when you can have it all on an affordable budget without the hassle of installing software?  Sign up Today!



Access to your Dedicated Server on the Cloud


Connect from Different locations


Use RapidScan™ Tally* Method to Tally Lumber (Optional)


Connect Devices to Upload Data


Monthly Service Plan (Annual Option)


Mobile Devices Available by Monthly Subscription


Use Barcode Labeling* on Mobile Devices (Optional)


No Software setup Required


USA, South America, Europe, Asian Locations


Add Mobile Devices (Optional)


Customers Can View Inventory over internet (Optional)


No Additional Hosting Required for Reports Web


Convenient Low-Cost Monthly Plan



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* Sierra DigiTally RapidScan Ruler required for End-Tally
** For Label printing Compatible Zebra Printer is required

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