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Our Sierra DigiTally is different. Of course, you would expect us to say that. But it is. First, it comes with a patented measurement scanning system. That makes you more productive. Second, we think your data is important in your business, so we include the software and the database. Unlike other systems, where you print and forget your data, we think your data is an asset of your business. So, in short, Sierra DigiTally is easy, smart, and affordable.


Sierra’s new compact system shoots fast!  And, it’s affordable.  You can use RapidScan® technology today to tally, manage packs, and print reports and labels.

Reason #1:  Increase Productivity

Sierra DigiTally enables you to measure/count efficiently in less time.  Approximately 60% improvement (time saved in operations)  experienced by customers over dot-tally methods, reported tally rates are 140 board-feet per minute per person(*).   Productivity increasing more than twice is like driving at 35 mph, and speeding up to 75 mph. 

Reason #2:  Lower Operational Cost

Time savings in performing tallies result in lower operations costs.  It's now taking less time to do a specific job, therefore it's costing less since there's a remainder time that can be used to perform other tasks.

Reason #3:  Know your products

Being successful and profitable depends on knowing the quantity and other product information at a given time with ease; sales depend on it, customers depend on it, purchases depend on it.

Reason #4:  Serve your customers better

Customers turn to you not just for products but service and dependability too.  If you provide professional looking and accurate reports, current information, and reduce the amount of mistakes made, it will increase confidence, and translate into happy customers and continued prosperity.

Reason #5:  Inspect/Validate incoming lumber

If you purchase lumber from vendors, it may be in your interest to know there were no errors in quantities they shipped; and recover losses.

Reason #6:  Efficient Operations means growth

Efficiency is doing a 4-hour job in 2 hours, and doing it better; now you can do more in 4 hours, sell more, increase quality, serve customers better, increase your customer base, and grow your business.

Reason #7:  Ease of use, better tools,  improve work place and attitudes

Employees depend on tools to get the job done; noone would be effective, and happy at work if asked to dig a hole with a screwdriver instead of a shovel.

Reason #8:  Lower inventory cost

Knowledge is power.  If specific products have a longer inventory life, and slower sales, knowing that may allow you to focus on your customers needs and decrease the costs of moving, storing inventory.

Reason #9:  An affordable technology exists

So, today, an affordable technology is within reach.  You can employ it risk free.  We're here to show you all its features during demos, and allow you to test it, run it, and hopefully adopt it!

Reason #10: Feature Rich Application.

Sierra DigiTally is designed to make it simple for users.  Focus at your job to get the data easily and fast.  We offer the following main features:

*) Patented RapidScan Tally
*) Quick data save and upload to PC
*) Ability to print a variety of reports (tally, shipping, pack...)
*) Save reports in other formats like PDF
*) Manage packs, and data on desktop PC
*) Ability to print bar-code labels from Mobile PC
*) Ability to print bar-code labels from desktop PC
*) Maintain inventory (**)
*) Ship/Receive(**)
*) Enter Transactions(**)


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(*) Performance rates have been reported by customers and may change by application, operations personnel, and other factors.

(**) Available with the Inventory Software

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